Tuesday, July 20, 2010

"Presentable isn't even in my vocabulary."

This weekend was Amy's graduation party, which gave us an excuse for blowing off a lot of steam built up by our week at work.  The word "TechDP" wasn't uttered once.  Nor were the words "summer challenge."  It was a very happy weekend.

Because I'm the procrastinator of all procrastinators, I was an hour late to the party.  But it was okay only because I brought a gigantic platter of cupcakes with me, causing oohs and ahhs and "I'm going to massacre those cupcake" statements from my target cupcake audience: a bunch of slightly tipsy early twenty-something girls that will drop whatever they are doing at the promise of cupcakes, cake, candy, sugar, or all of the above.  Namely, a bunch of people exactly like me.

We made dragonberry-extra-dragon drinks with big girl juice and poured them into Solo cups for college-time's sake, and because Amy's friend Rachel knows me too well, or perhaps because I'm so ridiculous that everyone knows I love John Mayer within five minutes of meeting me, she labeled my cup "John Mayer <3s Courtney."  It's totally true, don't lie.

There was a slip-and-slide involved and Amy crushed my arm with her body, but I forgave her because we're the same person and it would just be wrong to not forgive yourself.  My cupcakes were massacred in five minutes, which I took as a compliment, and the day progressed into evening strangely quickly.  There was flip cup and pong and Apples to Apples, all three of which I was terrible at, and as the night wore on we started dropping one by one into bed.

My new fast friend Brittany and I decided that it would be an excellent idea to follow Amy as she walked one of our friends to his car, so we pretended like we were 007's, ducking behind trees and cars and bushes.  Our stealth succeeded when we snuck up behind Amy and scared her to no end, and after we got beer poured on ourselves, we found out just what a protective friend Jim was when he bravely texted Amy to find out if she was all right.  It's really good to know that he wouldn't have turned back and checked on her.  But then, what are friends for?

We sat on the porch in the dark, laughing and texting and being messes and eating a hunk of cake that emerged from Amy's fridge.  How big was this cake, you ask?

Oh yeah.  It was a lotta cake.

And to protect our friendship, I did not post the pictures of Amy eating said cake.  I totes would have posted them if she hadn't said, "I'll kill you if you post these."  I value my life very much.

After the post-party sleep-carb-sleep-chocolate-reality tv-sleep recovery period, I find myself back here.  At work.  Disheartened.  Alone.  Not really alone, because Amy is here and I'm at a workplace and everything.  But I have one thing to look forward to...

John Mayer on the Today Show on Friday.

I will be on TV, people.  I will.

Love and weekend longings,

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