Saturday, July 31, 2010

Getting There, Day 2

After hours and hours of driving, we woke up, piled back in the car, and checked how long it would be until we arrived in sunny Holden Beach, North Carolina.

My Droid said 9 hours, 52 minutes.  I cried.  DROID DOES break my heart every once in awhile.  But then it told me I had a new Twitter notification, and we reconcicled.

You see the bags in the picture above?  No, they are not full of trash.  They are full of food.  You see, we Schiessls get very cranky without ample sustinence at all given moments.  And not just any sustinence... we want EXACTLY the kind of food that we want, no substitutions.  So we come prepared.

We have Panera bagels... cotton candy... fritos... barbeque chips (which remind me of Paris and which I began to massacre last night)... sour cream and onion chips... pretzels... granola bars... chocolate chips cookies... hostess cupcakes... and much more.  But what's my poison of choice??

Carrot sticks.  I effing love carrot sticks.  I cut up an entire bag yesterday and they now sit on my lap, mirroring my orange nails and teeth.  I think I might turn into a carrot stick by the end of this car trip, IF we ever make it.

(I'm losing faith. Send help.)

Nine hours and forty three minutes to go.

Love and carotin,

PS: Has anyone else seen that Mary-Kate & Ashley movie Getting There??  Title reference fo' sho'.  I was a big MK&A fan back in the day, and I totes own all of the movies (on VHS, for that matter).  Except for New York Minute... that sucked.

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