Thursday, August 12, 2010

Alarm Clock, Beep-Boop-Bap-Boop-Beep

If you thought that yesterday's video was excellent, wait until you see today's video.  Did you think that you had to live with a boring alarm clock forever?  Well, not anymore.

New Alarm Clocks: Saturday Night Live


Okay, so you can't really buy those alarm clocks.  But you CAN buy these awesome alarm clocks that Amy and I want because we're nerdy and need special alarm clocks to make us feel cool.  Even though "alarm clocks that make you feel cool" is probably some form of oxymoron.

Here's my pick:

Moshi, the alarm clock that will talk to you and be your best friend.  Okay, so I added that last part.  But all you have to do is talk to Moshi and it will do what you say!  Example:
"Good morning, Moshi." 
"Good morning." 
"What is the temperature, Moshi?" 
"Twenty-one degrees and miserable, because you're dumb enough to live in the Northeast."
"Please make my coffee, Moshi."

Why I pick Moshi: Because I'm too lazy to look at the time/temperature/alarm set myself.  Because it currently takes me ten minutes to set my alarm, due to the fact that my IHome click wheels are broken.  Because I have a need to talk a lot, and Moshi will always listen.  Because I wasn't socialized enough and need as many friends as possible.

Or E, all of the above.

Here's Amy's pick:

Clocky, the alarm clock that runs away from you.  When your alarm goes off, Clocky rolls off of your nightstand and "looks" for places to hide by detecting the amount of light in any given area.  So, if you really want to snooze or shut off your alarm, you have to find Clocky first.

Why Amy picks Clocky: Amy sets "at least six alarms a day," she says, because she shuts each one off in her sleepy stupor (my words, not hers, sorry buddy).  Therefore, she needs a little booger of an alarm clock that she has to chase around the room in the morning.  Fewer alarms + early morning cardio = Amy's perfect man... er... clock.  Yeah, clock.

But neither of us knew that...


Meet Tocky, the next version of Clocky.  I'm not really sure what's different about this one except for that you can add mp3's to it, but once again, the little stinker Tocky will roll away and hide from you when your alarm goes off.

Now Amy wants Tocky instead of Clocky because "Tocky is prettier," she says.  Tocky is also $75. 

It's not that pretty.


We are now searching for more superfun and totally unnecessary alarm clocks.  Needless to say, there will be more to come in the near future.

Love and alarm clock mania,

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