Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Do You Enjoy a Fancy Fly Lifestyle?

Amy and I have fallen in love with this video from SNL, and we feel that you all should be exposed to it too.  Plus, Taylor Lautner is in it.  But his hair looks really bad, and he doesn't take off his shirt.

New Doorbells: Saturday Night Live

If you would like to see Amy's and my imitations of Tina Tina Shanuz, you may petition us here, on this blog.  And we will film them Friday night.  No, she does not know about this agreement

Psst... Tina Tina returns to SNL with Alarm Clocks and More... will post tomorrow.

In other matters, I'm watching Teen Mom, and this is how Gary proposed to Amber for like the fifty-ninth time:
Gary: "Okay, so we're getting married."
Amber:  "You have to ask me if I will marry you."
Gary: "You'll marry me."
Amber: "No, you have to ask me."
Gary: "Okay, you wanna get married?"
Amber: "THAT'S NOT HOW YOU ASK!  You have to say 'will you'."
Gary: "Okay I'll say it exactly how you want, fieeeene."
Amber: "Gareeeeeyyyyyy!"
Gary: *resigned" "Will you marry me?"
Amber: *forlorn* "Sure...."

I love Teen Mom.

Love and reality television,

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