Tuesday, August 10, 2010

More from the Memory Box

If you read yesterday's post about my SHS Drama Club memories that I pulled out of my junk cabinet, you'll know that I'm making a futile attempt to clean out my room.  If you didn't, read it now.

The following are photos and paper clippings that I also found in the cabinet.  I think that you will find them amusing.

Ready?  Let's go!

That's me, seven years old, right after my first leading role onstage.  I was Gretel in Hansel and Gretel.  To the left is my adorable brother Jonathan, and to the right is my good high-school friend-and-costar Kevin, who played Hansel and who subsequently played many leading roles in our shows throughout high school.  He's a cool Somers native- turned- New Yorker like me now, but he's downtown at NYU, so he's hipper than I am.

But I'm in the Bronx, so I can beat everyone up.  Just kidding.  Please don't hit me.

And, for your information, this was actually my second play in my life.  In the second grade I was in Miss Peterson's class play Shirley Holmes and the FBI, in which I played the role of Mallory.  I had exactly six lines and I picked the part because Mallory was the name of a character in The Babysitter's Club, which I loved.

We've established that I'm a nerd, right?

This is a newspaper clipping from my senior year of high school, and yes, that lovely couple is Hansel and Gretel, all grown up.  The incredibly flattering outfits are courtesy of the Somers High School Jazz Choir.  I miss the Jazz Choir.  I don't miss the dress.

Why didn't someone warn me that in four years I would be regretting my unfortunate bangs and pasty white skin?  And yes, I know that I'm short.  And yes, I know that I still have pasty white skin.  But I got rid of the bangs, thank god.

Here's an article from the seventh grade about our Destination Imagination team.  See those medals??  Eh?  Eh?  We won our division in Connecticut and went onto the international competition in Tennessee.  Man, I've never seen so much orange in my life than at the U of Tennessee.

(I'm in the back row, all the way on the right.  Can anyone say, "awkward years?"  I look like a frog.)

I don't remember what paper this was in, but it's about the community theatre show I did at the beginning of my junior year of high school with three other high school friends.  I'm in the bottom left picture, wearing the unfortunate red shirt, with my partner in crime Maureen (her real name is Amanda).

Story time: One time, in high school, we were at a singing competition and convinced this guy that Courtney and Amanda were our middle names and Joanne and Maureen were our first names, but we went by our middle names because we were named after our mothers.  He believed us.

The real reason behind our nicknames?  We're Rentheads and named eachother after the lesbian lovers.  That's what theatre people do.

The following pictures I have chosen of myself for a specific reason.  I shall tell you why at the end.

Throwing a softball at the Senior Dunk Tank at the Four Town Fair.  I missed.

In Kevin's basement, likely waiting to play Sims 2 on his computer, because that's how I do.

On the Senior float in the Four Town Fair parade.  I'm in the white, on the top.  To my right are my high school friends Alison and Connell (that's his last name), and to my left is my high school boyfriend Nick.  He takes professional wrestling classes and Joe and my college friends like him better than me.  I've accepted this fact.

Our float theme?  "Seniors of the '07 Seas."  HOW EFFING CLEVER IS THAT?!?

At Bigalow Hollow, where we used to picnic and swim and try to make campfires.  I was trying to do the sprinkler dance move.  I failed.

Now, why were these specific pictures chosen from the many high school ones that I could have chosen?

Because they establish that I have always been completely and certifiably insane.  I'm so ridiculous.  And very little of that has changed.

That concludes our trip down Courtney's memory lane.  Please visit the gift shop on your way out.

Love to all of the people from my past,

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