Monday, August 2, 2010

F'SF, Night Vision Edition

Nighttime on the beach is just as nice as daytime on the beach, but it's awfully hard to see what's going on in the dark.

Unless, of course, your uncle is an Air Force pilot and has night vision goggles.  POWNEDDDD!!!  Aren't we Schiessl's awesome??

So we all took turns spying on people on the beach and seeing if we could spot the planet Venus (we could) until I got a brilliant idea.  And it's all thanks to this crazy blog.

I took a picture through the night vision goggles!!

Because, you see, this blog causes me to want to photo-document every piece of my life to share on the interwebs, right here with all of you.  So, of course, my camera had to come into play here.

Here's the view of the right side of the beach.

You can even see the stars!  I think that bright one is the North Star... but I'm not an astronomer or anything.

You can even see ghosts!  Oh wait... that's just my mom.  But she does look like a ghost.

Today is another swimming/reading/swimming/reading day here at F'SF, and another part of the family has joined as well... my Ma and Pa from South Carolina.  It's just a regular ol' down-home fam' fest here, now ain't it?

Love and I SEE DEAD PEOPLE (just kidding... or am I?),

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