Monday, August 16, 2010

Weekend in Pikshures

The weekend went by so fast that it probably was just a dream (INCEPTION!), and Monday is bringing rain and yuck to darken and dampen and crush the Hartford area, just as it does to my soul.

I don't like Mondays, okay?  Monday means getting up early, and getting up early does not work well with me.  I need my sleep.  I need the sun to rise before I do.  I need many things.

Plus, my Droid did a software update this morning, and I don't like it.  It's not as pretty.  And I swear that it's slower.  Plus, according to this website, Verizon started the wave of Android 2.2 updates on August 3rd.  It is now August 16th.  I feel forgotten and offended.

But let's not dwell on the present, shall we?  Let's think of happier times... when the skies were clear... when there was no need for an alarm clock... when our Droids still had blue backgrounds instead of black...

Let's look at the weekend in pictures:

We had an excellent time at TECHDP HAAAY!!! on Friday, but when Colleen and I left on Saturday morning, we found this little guy on the door.  I guess that's what happens when you go to college in Storrs, Connecticut, and not the Bronx.

In the Bronx, the only sticks you see are nightsticks.  ROFLCOPTER!

Then, I took the train to New York Citaaayyy to meet my fam.  We went to see Rock of Ages, which was pretty darn rockin'.  I'll bet my dad and brother were really upset that we didn't see Promises, Promises.


Everyone got this thingies when they entered the theater.  They're little flashlights shaped like lighters that light up when you squeeze them.  It's so that you can wave it in the air and be all eighties and stuff.

You know what else they do when you enter the theater?  Make you throw out your Diet Snapple.  I need to get a purse with more pockets.

Apparently it was like the something-somethingth (65th?) anniversary of that picture where that World War 2 guy kisses that girl in Times Square, so they built an enormous statue and let people kiss in front of it.  There were bajillions of people in Times Square and in front of this statue milling about and pissing me off.  I hate the amount of people in Times Square.

Did you know that the girl and the guy in the WW2 picture didn't even know each other?  Well, apparently.  Because no one has ever really figured out who the subjects were for sure, but Edith Swain, who everyone believes is the girl in the picture, says that this random guy just came up to her and kissed her.  I hope his breath didn't stink because that would've been gross.

And then.  And then.  And then we went to Rosa Mexicano, my favorite Mexican restaurant in the history of the world.  Joe and his fam met us in the city, and all seven of us had some mad deliciouso food, including the freshly made guac that you see above.  Well, actually, I took that picture like four months ago when we went for Joe's birthday.  But it was just like that.  Only spicier.

The hotel wouldn't put out our cot for us because they maintained that it wouldn't fit.  So I slept standing up.  Just kidding.  But it's pretty funny looking, right?  IT LOOKS LIKE I'M SLEEPING BUT I'M NOT!!!

I ate this burger on Wednesday, and okay yeah, that wasn't a weekend, but it was a happier time.  It's from Shady Glen, which I saw on the Food Network once, and it has CRISPY CHEESE THAT GOES OUTSIDE THE BURGER!  Can you see it???

I folded mine inside the burger and ate it that way, and it was so good.  Then I ate some peppermint ice cream.  Then I went to Body Pump.  Then I puked.  Almost.

This is what happened when I got home from NYC.  I was tryin' to surf the net and sheeet, and my cat climbed on my stomach in between me and my laptop.  Despite the angry face he has on in this picture, he really loves me and is glad that I'm home.  He's going to miss me so much when I leave in a week.


In other cat-related news, I looked through my phone and realized that approximately 70% of my photos are of my cat.  Need a life much?  More on this tomorrow.

I just realized that "more on" sounds like "moron" and laughed a lot.  Now I feel like a more on.

Love and Monday blues,

PS: But.  But.  But.  But.  Mondays are Moe's Mondays.  This afternoon is looking to be a lot more promising.

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