Sunday, August 8, 2010


Pictorial footage of the video I shared the other day...

The sky darkened quickly, and pretty soon there was only a little sliver of light yet.

And as the cloud moved in, so did the rain.

And with rain, there came wind.  You know what doesn't go well with wind?  Beach supplies.  Because, oh yeah, THE WIND BLOWS THEM!

Then a beach umbrella came tumbling down the beach, and I don't have any pictures of this because we were trying to be Good Samaritans and yell to the man who was in the umbrella's way.  It didn't work.  I don't have any pictures of that, either, because I am sympathetic to human pain and I was watching my brother and dad run down to help the guy.

But then like twenty people rushed out of their houses just like us, and we were the furthest away, so they came back.  We later realized that everyone was just running out to get their beach floaties, which were flying away.  We think he was okay, though.

Well, there was an ambulance that went down the street a couple of minutes later.  But we tried.  Oops.

After that, everyone left the beach.  It was pretty dumb that they hadn't before.

This poor Easy-Up was a victim of the storm, though.  It looks like a crab.  Crabbity-crabbity-crab.

Mom and Grandpa were pretty tired after that exciting storm, though, so they took a nap.  It was pretty cute.

All in all, I miss our vacation.

I miss our beautiful beachfront house.

I miss our kitchen, where we made pancakes and eggs and bacon and homefries for breakfast every morning.  And I miss our table, where we played lots of board games and I got schooled by an eleven-year-old.

I miss my room, where I read lots of books and watched Say Yes to the Dress.  And BLOGGED, of course.

I MISS OUR PORCH SO MUCH!  Our big porch, where we could sit and look at my father and grandfather be stubborn and get sunburnt on the sand, or where my mother could hope that I wouldn't drown in the surf because obviously I'm five and can't swim.  Not.

Or where, at night, we could look around with my uncle's night vision goggles and watch the rocking chairs creepily rock back and forth in the wind, like there were ghosts!

Damn, I miss that porch.

I don't miss this sliding glass door, though.  It was really heavy.

Yup.  I miss vacation and family and seeing this silly look on Jonathan's face.  Way to be ready for the camera, little bro.  Have I taught you nothing?

Tomorrow, it's back to the daily grind of exercise balls, interns, and TechDP newsletters.  See ya, Fo'Schiessl Fest 2010.  Suggestions for 2011???

Love and No-I'm-never-unpacking-are-you-crazy?,

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