Sunday, August 22, 2010

You Can Stand Under My (Red) Umbrella, ella, ella

Disclaimer: Yes, I know I've been a little MIA lately, but I am trying to win the "most obscene display of materialism" award on Tuesday at move-in and am trying to pack everything I own into bins and suitcases.  It's tough, time-consuming work, so don't blame me.  Please.

After two summers and a winter at the T, Travs, Travelers, as a non-tech technical intern (contradiction?  Yes), Friday was my last day in good ol' Hartford.  Well, maybe.  Unless Amy and I get the a-okay to come back in the winter.  But just in case, I am mourning this ending as it should be mourned.

In honor of Travelers and all the people in it, here are some pictures from my phone that I took while interning this summer.  They bring a tear to my eye...

This is TechDP headquarters, aka "The Corner Part 2," aka the place everyone wants to be, aka Amy's and my desks.  Normally, they're a lot messier than shown, but we were... were... were... about to leave.  Pictured in the desk area are Amy (naturally) and two of the main frequenters of our desks, Jay and ScottyMac.  HEY JAY!  HEY SCOTTY!  BET YOU DIDN'T WANT ME TO POST THIS PICTURE, DID YOU???

Do you miss us?

...Jay?  Scotty?? miss us, right???!?!?!!

Sad now.

[Update 8/23/10: This section of my entry was clearly a desperate cry for attention, and I expected some sort of heartwarming and/or sarcastic comment from Jay or ScottyMac on my blog and/or Facebook.  I got neither.  From either person.  Disappointment reigns.]

Here is the entrance to our desk area, complete with a picture of last year's TechDP intern class (NOSTALGIA) and a sign for the counseling chair which subsequently went out of service when we got our exercise balls.  Oh, and there's a quote about our exercise balls.  It reads: "Do you know what this is?  This is a fitness orb, and it has completely changed my life." -Dwight Schrute.  Only the coolest of cool kids live their lives by The Office wisdom.

We left the signs up when we left.  Everyone must remember us.

Speaking of exercise balls, here is mine.  It used to live under my desk; now it will live under my desk at school.  It misses its friend, Amy's exercise ball, just as I miss my friend, Amy.  COME BACK FROM NEW HAMPSHIRE!

This is FrankyPanky, another intern.  He is one half of the intern combo Frandy, of which the other half is not pictured.  I'm not sure if that sentence was grammatically correct.

I love this picture because Amy and I are so devious.  Gregg will totally miss us pranking him 24/7.

Oh yes.  Oh yes.  Excellent.

I first learned about VitaMuffins at Travelers, and Amy was nice enough to bring one in for me.  I ate it.  It was very delicious, as the package boasts.  I need to buy me some of those.

Oh wait... we do work at Travelers?  I almost forgot.  I didn't take this pictures (obviously), but here are Amy and I presenting our end-of-summer presentation.  Why present together?  Possible reasons: we are the same person, we did the same thing all summer, we don't like extended periods of time away from one another, we rely on each other for validation, we didn't want to waste everyone's time by saying the same thing twice, we wanted to...

On our last day, Nancy took us to lunch and we got these gorgeous looking lemonades and iced teas.  Then we tasted them and had a sugar rush for ten hours.

There was also a giant heart character in a top hat to send us off.  Amy was especially excited and ran up to hug him right away.  And by that last sentence, I actually meant that she was totally freaked out and hid behind me as we walked by.

Some fine gentlemen were practicing their Wii skills in the Link.  Everyone knows that to be a successful businessman you have to have excellent golf skills!  Just ask my Dad.  And John Rossley.  Nerd.

But of course, we had to let everyone know that we will never be gone for good.  AmCo leaves a permaimpression wherever we go.


Bye, dearest Travs!  See you soon...??

Love and red um-ber-ellas,


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